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subject Hi guys - Be Sure Read Notice
writer Louie (ip:)
  • date 2017-03-17 11:18:13
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About US

Hello. I am Louie from Archive.
Archive is a rep watch customization company that seeks new attempts all the time.
We aim to apply a variety of customization methods that have never been tried and improve even the smallest quality of those lovely time pieces.
Also, our priority is to provide good products at more reasonable price.
We promise that we will be one of the best watchmakers that develops itself continuously using our expertise in watch parts manufacturing and customization.
Inquiries E-mail :

Currently we only accept Paypal as payment method.
Paypal payment account is not shown because of the nature of replica watch business.
Paypal account will be sent to your email automatically as soon as you purchase a product on our website.
We are going to prepare for various payment methods in the near future.
If you have questions regarding payment, contact "" and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How long is the average life expectancy of a replica watch?

The condition of a replica watch when you buy a watch is important. Also, the proper management after purchasing the watch is very important.

All products will go through general check-up before shipping. They will be shipped after we make sure they are in the best condition. We check the movement performance, basic functions, water resistance etc. This process is done and guaranteed by our professional staff at Archive.

You will be able to use it much longer and more reliably just like a real luxury time piece if you get this serviced regularly.

How safe is water resistance of a replica watch?

A replica watch has a normal water resistance. We call this is for everyday use.
But you can swim with some diver watches.
Therefore, the information regarding water resistance is included on the details of each product.
Please take notice of it and use it.

How does it take to arrive after the purchase?
The confirmation of purchase will be processed in 12 hours max. But it can be delayed due to the paypal system.

When the payment is confirmed, we order a product. If there is no problem, we get the product in 48 hours. But it can be delayed under some circumstances. When that happens, we clearly explain the reason via your email account.

After we get the product, our expert checks appearance, movement, accuracy, and water resistance of it, takes a photo of it and send it to your email. We call this process a QC.

You can check the QC and send us a confirm email. If you do not respond in 24 hours after we send a QC, we send the product to you automatically.

We notify a tracking number on your email and our webiste and you can track your package using the number on your carrier\\'s website.

To make the QC process faster, we are considering using Telegram messenger or creating a bulletin board.

What if a problem occurs at customs?

If the package is withheld at customs, let us know as soon as possible.
After we check the detail, you choose to require a refund or ask for a re-send.

We got the watch and it doesn\\'t work!
If you get the watch and happen to know that it\\'s not working, contact us in 72 hours and we will provide service or exchange or a refund.
If 72 hours is over, it is not considered as our fault.

How can I cancel the order?
If you want a refund, email us.
After we check the email, we will give you a refund in 12 hours through paypal.

How long is the warranty?
We provide a 6 months warranty. But shipping charge for any service should be paid by you. In other words, you pay shipping charge when you send the product to us. And we pay it when we finish servicing and sent it back to you.
If any problem occurs to the product due to your fault, it will not be serviced without some cost.

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